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Westshore Quick Facts

What is Westshore?

Tampa’s Westshore district is the center of activity not only in the Tampa Bay region, but also on Florida’s west coast. Located at the intersection of several major highways and an interstate, it’s easy to see how it has become Florida’s largest office community comprised of 4,000 businesses with nearly 94,000 employees. But it doesn’t stop there, Westshore has evolved – it’s not just 9 to 5 anymore. The Westshore district is now home to a vibrant 24/7 community and boasts some of Tampa’s finest restaurants, world-class shopping, extraordinary hotels and vibrant residential neighborhoods. And if that wasn’t enough, the award-winning Tampa International Airport is just minutes away. The phrase “location, location, location” rings true in Westshore.

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Size and Location of the Westshore District:

Located on the western edge of the City of Tampa, the Westshore district is approximately 10 square miles bounded by Kennedy Boulevard to the South, Himes Avenue to the East, Hillsborough Avenue to the North and Old Tampa Bay, including Rocky Point to the West.

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Westshore Key Market Statistics:

Westshore is the largest commercial market in the Tampa Bay region. Check out some of these facts and figures:

  • Commercial Office Space 12.75 million square feet
  • Number of Businesses 4,000
  • Employment 93,123
  • Population 15,000
  • Number of Hotels 38
  • Number of Hotel Rooms 7,449
  • Retail Development 6 million square feet
  • Number of Restaurants 250+

Major Employers in the Westshore District:

Westshore Amenities and Advantages:

  • 30-minute drive to 75% of Tampa Bay area residential neighborhoods
  • Top-rated Tampa International Airport is located within 5 to 7 minutes from any Westshore Business District location
  • Upscale shopping including 2 regional malls WestShore Plaza & International Plaza and Bay Street
  • Westshore is the center of the region's hospitalilty industry with nearly 40 hotels and more than 250 restaurants
  • Superior transportation infrastructure - 3 major highways pass through Westshore and there are two HART public transit centers in Westshore
  • 10-minute drive to downtown Tampa's Convention Center
  • Full service 24-hour post office located at Tampa International Airport
  • Panoramic water views

Who is the Westshore Alliance?

The Westshore Alliance is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit business-based membership organization that is recognized as the voice of Tampa's Westshore District. With over 400 member businesses and scores of volunteers, the Alliance's mission is to promote, shape future growth and foster economic prosperity of the Westshore District. The Alliance has made significant progress in the areas of transportation, beautification, crime prevention, education and marketing of the area.