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Safety & Security

Public safety and crime prevention is a top priority in the Westshore Business District, which is why the Alliance has close working relationships with the Tampa Police Department (TPD), business representatives and private property security personnel. We have implemented a number of programs to ensure Westshore is a safe place for all workers, residents and visitors. Take advantage of these programs today:
Westshore Business Watch
Crime Reports
"BOLO" Emails
Crime Prevention Programs
Active Shooter Preparedness
Emergency Access Card Program
Hurricane Preparedness & Emergency Resources
Tampa Police Department District One Grid Map


The Alliance has partnered with the Tampa Police Department (TPD) to engage property and business owners to help make Westshore an even safer place to be. Businesses that join the program will benefit from having a direct line of communication with the police department to help ensure employees, residents and visitors are well-informed about crime and traffic-related issues in the area. The Westshore Business Watch is part of the Tampa Business Watch program. To sign up complete the application and return to Shawn Fogarty.

Registering your business with Business Watch Tampa is FREE and offers these great benefits:

  • Increases communication between Law Enforcement and Business Owners - direct contact information for the Westshore Community Officers and Liaisons, including cell phone, email, and photo
  • Faster communication of any criminal activity in the Westshore area
  • Provides free Safety Awareness Seminars and Lunch-and-Learns for employees
  • Enhances community security through heightened awareness  and promotes Westshore as a safer, more inviting place to live, work and play
  • Creates and maintains a safe shopping and working environment
  • Successfully reduces crime in areas of participation
  • Brings the community together to work cohesively for the well-being of the entire community
  • Access to, a website designed to support the Business Watch Tampa program
  • Community wide program, any business located within the Westshore Business District can join

Have a crime tip or see suspicious activity, send a text to to inform Westshore Community Officers. Be sure to include your name, phone number and a detailed description. In the event of an emergency, dial 911.

The Alliance reviews the latest crime statistics & crime trend reports published by the Tampa Police Department (TPD) and implements initiatives to combat crime.

The "Monday Message" provides you with a snapshot of upcoming police-related events along with news you can use. The "Weekly Recap" provides you with a full summary of specific crimes that took place during the week. The "HOT" (High Occurring Trend) report contains time-sensitive information that will provide you with information about recent crime and trends that you need to be aware of in your neighborhood along with tips you can use to avoid becoming a victim. These reports are emailed to those requesting them, to add your email please contact Shawn Fogarty.

To sign up for the quarterly Westshore Safety & Security E-News newsletter click here.

When the Alliance is alerted of criminal activity or a trend of crimes in the area, we email our member companies a BOLO: Be-On-the-Look-Out. When you receive this, you can transmit the news to all of your employees or tenants. The Alliance can attribute numerous success stories to conscientious members who have reported criminals in the act as a result of a BOLO email. Contact Shawn Fogarty to be added to the email distribution list.

The Alliance offers a number of free crime prevention programs. A one-hour company investment will yield better security and peace of mind!  Contact our Tampa Police Department Liaison, Detective Don Grau at 813-354-6633 or to schedule a free one hour program on any of the following topics:

Would you know what to do in an active shooter scenario? To schedule a free one-hour presentation and/or site evaluation at your location, contact Officer Sean Mahabir, Special Incident Management Unit, Tampa Police Department | Special Operations Division at (813) 480-1272 or

Additional resources:

  • Visit the Department of Homeland Security website to download active shooter preparedness brochures and materials. 
  • Utilize the RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.® video to educate your employees and/or tenants about what to do if they are ever in an active shooter situation.

The Emergency Access Card Program was developed to assist emergency and rescue crews identify those individuals authorized to enter the Westshore Business District following a disaster or emergency.  Building owners can register up to three (3) authorized personnel to receive reentry passes that allow them access to their building for the limited purpose of evaluating the safety and security of property before allowing tenants, other occupants, or the general public to return.

The reentry procedure will be tiered as follows:
1.  Search and Rescue Teams
2.  First Responders/Law Enforcement
3.  Registered Reentry Pass Holders and Utility Teams
4.  Private Security Personnel
5.  Tenants or other occupants

The City Emergency Manager will notify the police department when Property Owner/Designee may reenter the restricted area. Registered personnel will be notified of the reentry point via local news and radio once local emergency crews have cleared the area for safe reentry. Once the reentry point is determined, registered personnel will need to take their reentry pass AND a photo I.D. to the checkpoint. Reentry consideration will be at the sole discretion of the police department and in accordance with the direction of the City Emergency Manager.

To request passes please complete the Emergency Access Card Request FormIf you already have passes that have a label with all of the requested information, there is no need to re-register as the passes do not expire.  If you have a change in personnel, please request a new pass as they are non-transferable.


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