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See why the evolving Westshore District is Tampa Bay’s largest employment center with more than 6,500 businesses.

Located on the western edge of the City of Tampa, the Westshore District is home to more than 6,500 businesses. Experience the region’s largest commercial office district while in close proximity to the finest shopping, dining, sports & entertainment that Tampa has to offer. Make Westshore’s thriving district part of your future business plan in Tampa.

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Paving the Way of the Future

  • A Business Gateway

    Westshore is the largest commercial market in the Tampa Bay region with more than 6,500 businesses, 100,000 employees and offering more than 15.3M SF in commercial office space. The area is poised for the success of the Tampa Bay office community.

    “If you look at Westshore on a map, it’s really the bullseye of the Bay area. We can recruit talent from New Tampa, Brooksville, St. Pete. This is the one hub that brings all these different markets together.”

    Randy Hassen

  • A Thriving Community

    Westshore is home to a thriving 24/7 community with 15,000 residents and growing. It boasts some of Tampa’s finest restaurants, world-class shopping, entertainment venues, extraordinary hotels and vibrant neighborhoods.

    “People are excited about what’s happening in the area. You see more and more people walking around the area than ever before, because it’s being connected with all these different pieces. The energy is second to none, and that does not die at 5 o’ clock.”

    Saxon Baum

  • Positioned for Growth

    The Westshore District will continue to grow and expand with many projects focused on infrastructure and investments in a variety of industries. The top-rated Tampa International Airport (TPA) is within the district as are much of the region’s hospitality offerings with 45 hotels and more than 250 restaurants.

    “I think you need to come and explore it, because you will see that this is a great place to live, work and play.”

    Karin Coleman

Our History & Our Future

The District Through the Years

Today, the Westshore District is a hub not only for Tampa Bay, but for the West Coast of Florida. It boasts some of Tampa’s finest restaurants, world-class shopping, a vibrant neighborhood and more. Continued planning and innovation ensure that the community will continue to grow and thrive responsibly.
2013 is a big year for Westshore. The Westshore District Public Realm Master Plan is published and the Courtney Campbell Trail opens for recreational use. Future-thinking becomes baked into the Westshore culture.
International Plaza opens in 2001, bringing with it upscale first in market shops, restaurants and, eventually, an attached hotel.
Groundbreaking on the Raymond James Stadium in 1996 is followed by the first Buccaneers game in 1998 against the Chicago Bears.
1983 sees the first annual meeting of the Westshore Development Association and Ron Rotella is named the Executive Director. The name of the organization is officially changed to the Westshore Alliance in 1989.
From cow pastures and orange groves, a greater vision is conceived. This began with the original air strip being located within the District. It continued with the Tampa Stadium groundbreaking taking place in 1966 and opening of the first Austin Center Building in 1967 which kicks off a wave of innovation that quintuples land value.
Early Years