FDOT starts work on Kennedy Blvd. improvements

The Florida Department of Transportation has started work on a series of safety improvements on Kennedy Blvd between West Shore Blvd and Henderson Blvd. The improvements include closing medians to reduce left-turn conflicts, wider sidewalks, and a midblock crossing at Grady Ave. and Kennedy Blvd. The West Shore / Kennedy intersection will be modified by eliminating the “pork chops”, and instead will have extended curbs which will slow down turning cars, and give pedestrians a shorter distance to cross the intersection. Previously, FDOT improved the pedestrian timing at West Shore and Kennedy, and lowered the speed limit to 40mph in the corridor. Use caution driving in the area. Work is happening during daylight and evening hours, but lane closures are at night. The $4.8 million project is expected to be completed in early 2023. (picture courtesy of FDOT)